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  • Jan 2007: Incorporation of IPALO-RCG Singapore in association with RCG Int'l from France (www.rcgint.com) to develop activities from Singapore and Korea in the Marine Electrical  infrastructures, jointly with small Power Generation projects.

  • Q1 2006: Incorporation of a Korean branch to support activities in the LNG province (North East China) 

  • Q1 2004: Incorporation of a subsidiary in Dili (East Timor) for distribution and retail of petroleum products 

  • Q1 2000: Incorporation of IPALO-ENERTECH Pte Ltd in Singapore, consulting firm in the Energy / Power Generation sector




Mr Pierre Rico and Etienne Van den Bogaert justify decades of experience in engineering / construction of industrial systems in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation Infrastructures, Commodity Trading and industrial IT systems.





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